mamba sandboarding cape town

Lee Bredenkamp

Instuctor / Board maker

In 2001 Lee was awarded no.1 sandboarder in the country. He has recieved a certificate as a snowboarding instructor and is also qualified in first aid.


mamba sandboarding cape town

Derek Bredenkamp

Pioneer / boardmaker

Derek introduced the rest of us to 

sandboarding. He has taught us how to ride, how to make sandboards and guided us into starting Mamba Sandboarding.

mamba sandboarding cape town

Rene Bredenkamp

Administration manager / board designer.

Rene is the lovely lady that takes your bookings and organizes everything to insure you have an unforgettable sandboarding experience. When she is not in the office she is on the dunes, helping out and making sure everyone is happy.