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Our Boards

We custom hand craft every board from scratch. They are molded from prime plywood and laminated with a Formica base. Carefully sanded and shaped to perfection. The end result is a sand board that is strong, fast, maneuverable, and looks very cool!

Our boards come in four sizes:

Baby Mamba: (For small kids).

Mini Mamba: (For kids).

Green Mamba: (For teenagers or small adults). 

Black Mamba: (For adults).

We also have tobboggan style boards for sitting or lying down.


Our Bindings:


We’ve designed our bare foot bindings to give the rider both comfort and the required support to ensure you get the best from your boarding experience. Made from webbing and Velcro with a neoprene inner, and adjustable to suit your foot size. We add a soft foam rubber foot pad to make your ride even better.  



We supply helmets, buffs & goggles for the safety and comfort of our riders.

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